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Eros Delay Spray 14ml

Original price was: د.إ50.00.Current price is: د.إ35.00.
  • Usage:-
- Wash the penis first - Now apply spray on all three sides of the genital organ leaving the lower part - After spraying leave it to dry for 15 minutes - Again after intercourse washes the genital organ.
  • Benefits:-
  1. It works by reducing the sensitivity of the genital organ
  2. It increases foreplay time
  3. Prolongs the duration of sexual Intercourse
  4. Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation
  5. Allowing A Man To Get Maximum Pleasure
  6. Safe to use
  7. No side effects
  • Ingredients
- Lignocaine BP 5.0% - Liquid Paraffin - Emulsifying Wax - Propyl Hydroxybenzoate - Polysorbate 80
  • Pack Size:- 14ml in 1 spray

Magic Power Blue Symphony Timing Delay pack of 3 tissue

Original price was: د.إ60.00.Current price is: د.إ30.00.
    • Benefits:
    1. Treat erectile dysfunction or impotence
    2. Control premature ejaculation
    3. Increase blood flow to the genital area
    4. Support powerful and long-lasting erections
    5. Prolong the duration of sexual activity
    6. Act as an antiseptic and prevent sexually transmitted diseases
    7. Maintain the health of the male organ
    8. Refresh and cleanse the penile skin
    9. 100% herbal ingredients
    10. No side effects
    11. Very effective to prevent premature ejaculation
    12. Keep the hard penis
    13. Herbal-based antiseptic tissue
    14. Increase the strength of sexual intercourse
    15. Extend the penetration
    16. Powerful Erections
    17. Effective and Safe

Super Magic Man Wet Wipes Tissue for Long Sex and Delay Ejaculation pack of 6 tissue

Original price was: د.إ100.00.Current price is: د.إ60.00.
  • Benefits
- It is an Herbal based material - Safe for external use - It works only 30 to 60 minutes - Make your partner happier than ever - Increase the strength of sexual intercourse - Prevent premature ejaculation - Maintain the health of the male organ - Extend the penetration - Prevent premature ejaculation - Powerful erections - Safe to use - Instant orgasm - Strong erection - Eliminates quick ejaculation