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Eros Delay Cream

Original price was: د.إ50.00.Current price is: د.إ30.00.
  • Usage:-
Apply a thin layer on the head of your genital organ five minutes before coitus intercourse. Do not utilize more than thrice daily. Ideally before wearing a condom apply in a thin layer as required.
  • Ingredients:-
- Lignocaine BP 5.0% - Emulsifying Wax - Liquid Paraffin - Propyl Hydroxybenzoate - Polysorbate 80
  • Prescriptions:-
This product is not a contraceptive For external use only Benefits Of Eros Cream:-
  1. Contains Natural Vitamin E
  2. Easily Absorb
  3. Activated The Cells
  4. Long Time Spray For Men
  5. Reduces Sensitivity
  6. Long Time Delay Cream
  7. Decrease The Sensitivity Of The Penis
  8. Allowing A Man To Get Maximum Pleasure And Long Lasting Ejaculation
  9. Prolongs The Length Of Sexual Intercourse.
  10. Safe to use
  11. Increase Sexual Stamina And Ejaculation
  12. No Side Effects